2.1 Bitcoin Blockchain Foundation

The Bitcoin blockchain foundation serves as the cornerstone for the "Satoshi's Cat" (SCAT) project.

As the foundation of the SCAT project, the robust security and globally recognized decentralization of the Bitcoin blockchain provide a solid operational environment for the project. This choice enables SCAT to build on a blockchain that is widely trusted and tested, while introducing innovative technologies to expand the application possibilities of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Key Features

  • Security: The Bitcoin blockchain is one of the most secure distributed ledger technologies to date, with its Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism ensuring high security and tamper resistance.

  • Decentralization: Bitcoin's decentralized nature offers SCAT a platform that operates without reliance on any central authority, enhancing the project's resistance to censorship and openness.

  • Layer 2 Technologies: By incorporating Layer 2 solutions, such as the Lightning Network or sidechain technologies, the SCAT project can increase transaction speed and reduce costs without compromising the main chain's security and decentralized features, supporting more complex application scenarios.

  • Smart Contract Capability: Although Bitcoin's native smart contract capabilities are limited, innovative technologies, such as using Layer 2 protocols or integrating other blockchain technologies, enable SCAT to implement complex smart contract operations on the Bitcoin blockchain, providing users with a rich array of gaming and financial services.


Leveraging the Bitcoin blockchain foundation, "Satoshi's Cat" (SCAT) aims to create a secure, decentralized, and highly scalable digital asset ecosystem. Users can engage in asset exchange, gaming interactions, wealth appreciation, and other activities on this basis, while enjoying the security and trust that the Bitcoin blockchain offers.

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