5.2 Consolidation Phase

Community Consolidation and Ecosystem Expansion Stage: Establishing a solid community foundation and expanding the scope of the project ecosystem.

  1. Conducting Twitter Spaces Twice a Week: Increasing brand exposure, attracting, and retaining community members.

  2. Recruiting Influencer Promotion Team: Utilizing influencers to promote SCAT and expand community influence.

  3. Establishing a Weekly Space Planning Team: Planning and executing high-quality community interaction activities.

  4. Recruiting Professional Teams: Including graphic design, game production, and web development teams to accelerate product development and content innovation.

  5. Completing V2 Whitepaper and Official Website: Updating project progress, reflecting the latest technologies, and market strategies.

  6. NFT Design and SCAT Mini-Game Development Completion: Enriching the ecosystem content, enhancing user experience.

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