5.4 Development Phase

Ecosystem Maturity and Value Innovation Stage: Highlighting the importance of consolidating and expanding the project's influence through innovation and deepening ecosystem functionalities.

  1. Establishment of SCAT DAO: Promoting decentralized autonomy, enabling community members to participate in making important decisions.

  2. Launch of "SCAT Visits Here" Activity: Encouraging users to share cat stories and photos, deepening emotional connections within the community.

  3. "Super SCAT Activity": Allowing users to mint their designed SCAT-related products (trendy toys, clothing, shoes, etc.) into NFTs, promoting the exchange of creativity and value.

  4. Development of SCAT Story, SCAT DeFi, SCAT GameFi: Expanding ecosystem functionalities, offering more diversified digital asset services and entertainment experiences.

  5. Exploring More Possibilities: Continuously innovating and refining the SCAT ecosystem based on market feedback and technological progress.

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